A lethargic Friday morning. Every limb was aching.

Ouch, ouchy ouch.

An extra large bowl of porridge for the 7am shift sorted me out.

Motivation for a trip to the gym was AWOL.

But it was also a working at home day for Anna.

Apologies, but that’s motivation enough to leave the house. The Wolf of Wall Street has moved to bloody Wivenhoe.

The jilted joints didn’t get any better at the gym. I did what was needed.

Marsh Man, innit

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The bicycle ride along the Trail was lush green. Some rain is still needed.

More work.

It’s been a busy week for Big Client #1.

I downloaded the new Weller album. I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but I can tell you that it is ACE.

I’m blinkered when it comes to the old boy.

Mr Money Man came round early evening.

We don’t talk about Mr Money Man.

Anna and I are trying to get our finances in order.

Mr Money wasn’t very encouraging about a large financial institution.

That large financial institution is Big Client #1.

They are paying your fees, Mr Money Man.

Funny old financial world.

TOTP on BBC4 was bloody BRILLIANT.

We’re at the November ’83 period. It’s the favourite time in my life to date. This is down to the music.

Love of the Common People, Let’s Stay Together, This Charming Man – and even Solid Bond in Your Heart thrown in.

Every song in the Top 30 from this period has a memory for me. Most of them took place in the old youth club.

Girls and shandies were involved.

And then the West Brom Vs Chelsea match.

I’m far from a Chelsea fan, but I can respect what they have achieved this season.

My body still bloody aches.

Bed early…

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