The 7am work shift for me, a South London hit and run working day for Anna.

Exhausting stuff.

#LateJunction livened me up.

Some Peel dialogue was played. I miss that voice. And the music.

My side of the bed, your side of the bed. Right pair, etc

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Breakfast for Daisy and Dotty was the usual struggle.

Daisy has somehow put on a major growth spurt. What was once the runt of the two sisters is now the BIG GIRL.

Which leaves me feeling sorry for lovely Dotty and her attempts to get a fair share of the Felix.

A bit of tactical repositioning, and they both tucked in.

Mucky Mud Man, innit

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I had an hour and a half in-between shifts for the morning swim.

I put in 40 power lengths. My little toe on my left foot cramped up with ten remaining.

Three different blokes called me ‘buddy’ in the space of five minutes.

I have no idea who these geezers are.

A little more work, and then an afternoon of crisis management once again.

I LOVE these sessions.

The lawn got the first mow of the season late in the day.

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, Jase, etc.

We have re-seeded it with a different seed thing this summer. It’s not the usual lush green that we have come to expect.

I slipped into early evening with some more Royal Ldn action: Notts Vs Durham.

That Notts kit is ACE. If I had taken a different direction in life some 25 summers ago then I would be wearing it right now.

Anna returned late in the day from her hit and run S Ldn trip. We shared more tales of the new South Lambeth Road bathroom.

I may even get to see it one of these days.

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