Early morning tumblr trouble to start off Tuesday.

I missed out on the tumblr / flickr integration – my two least favourite platforms.

flickr has been a right pain in the arse for me the past decade.

I’m not quite sure what happened, but as a user since pre-Yahoo days, the login process has always been bloody fiddly.

And now I find that bloody tumblr is connected with flickr.

Double online whammy, etc.

I have long since resolved that if a piece of tech frustrates the f*** out of me, then don’t touch it.

But I need tumblr for a few work projects.

It wasn’t the best of starts for the morning.

Today was also a rare Tuesday with a His ‘n’ Hers working at home day.

Add in the distraction of the cats, and it wasn’t the smoothest of work environments.

Right pair, etc

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I disappeared for the solitude of the swim mid-morning.

My smooth passage in the pool was blocked by Snorkel Lady.

Snorkel Lady takes up a sizeable width of the lane.

No worries – no such thing as a bad swim, etc.

But bloody Snorkel Lady was in the fast lane. You could walk faster than her. With your legs tied.

Oh dear.

I had some online work training back at base to attend. It’s New Client Ahoy! We have been told that ‘common sense’ rules this project.

I can work with that.

The afternoon shifts were taken up digging deep around various client Facebook dark posts.

Just don’t go there…

I made the strategic shift from downstairs to the upstairs office.

Next door started to do the hoovering.

Thinking time went AWOl today.

The garden / Daisy were both watered.

And then a BOOZE free evening catching up with Giro d’Italia.

It’s bloody cold here, btw.

Grow you buggers, GROW

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