I fell out of bed, solo, to start off the working week.

Way to go, Jase. Way to go.

The fall was down to my joints seizing up after a day in the saddle on Sunday.

The solo wake up call was more due to our odd Transpontine Vs Estuary Wilds lifestyle.

Hey hoe.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Daisy and Dotty were around to witness my fall from grace.

They're a right pair

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If cats could talk then they would have said:

“Look at the state of him. wtf?”

I had LOADS of school work hanging over from the previous week. I never like this to linger longer than the working week in which it was sourced.

Photos, videos, words – they all just sit there with little momentum, unless you make the move to act on them there and then.

And so I dived straight into the SE17 school site and gave it a good polishing.

It’s all about the pics, innit.

Some policies then dropped for both the SE21 and SW9 schools. You can tell that a school is at the top of its game by the frequency in which its policies are updated.

And the OUTSTANDING teaching of course 😉

I was pleased with the work, and so rewarded myself with a luncheon gym session.

I passed a fit looking @MrBoom along the Trail, as well as a welcome return for Mr Cormorant.

He has been AWOL from his Hythe perch for the past month or so – Mr Cormorant, and not the fit @MrBoom.

I offered a whispered hello in the emptiness of the Estuary Wilds space around me.

If Cormorants could talk, etc.

The gym was decent. I’ve more or less rediscovered my Brixton Rec Gym Bunny enthusiasm from back in the day.

I’m running the same distance and lifting the same weights.

The Brixton Rec Gym Bunny days came to a close with a knackered knee.

Guess where this one is heading, Jase?

I had a run of afternoon work shifts. They were quiet, even for a Monday.

A little photo unarchiving took place. I uncovered some Sunny Stockwell snaps from 2007, along with some sepia tinted lovely lido photos.

And then Anna returned later in the evening with grand tales of the new bathroom fitting back in the flat.

My OCD flinched as she described the South London workman carnage.

Chelsea Vs Boro kept us entertained.


Chin chin.

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