Motivation for Park Run was a little… meh this morning.

I’ve been running my arse off around South Ldn schools this week. An AWOL Anna has meant that these have been hit and run trips, all the way from the Estuary Wilds.

My Transpontine duality has left me knackered.

And so is my left knee.

But Park Run is bloody ACE.

Muddy Banks, innit

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And so I cycled off a little slower early on Saturday morning, along a pretty bleak Trail, en route to Castle Park.

Colchester Park Run, innit

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I quite enjoyed the event. I had no expectations.

I was a little surprised with the official race time of 21’46”.

Oh dear

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Whilst in town I went for a haircut at my Nu Fave Turkish place. You often get what you pay for with a haircut. My vanity has allowed me to go above the £15 tipping point for a No.1 all over.

I didn’t get my usual Turkish fella. Another charmer took the blades to what I am optimistically calling my hair.

The hot towel was terrific.

I wasn’t expecting the shoulder massage whilst this was taking place.

Something for the weekend, Sir?

Ta, but no ta, etc.

And your eyebrows, Sir?

Get the CHUFF out, fella.

I cycled on to the gym. It’s been a few days since I’ve done any serious grunting. I paid the price with some pretty limp lifting.

The swim was a little better.

The water has finally warmed up in the converted Essex gas showroom. I managed 40 lengths in a lane to myself.

You know what comes next: I collapsed in the spa, only to be awoken by my own snoring.

GREEN #green

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The bicycle ride back to base was slow. Cyclists seemed to outnumber walkers along the Trail.


Much of Saturday afternoon was spent gardening with Daniel Cruz Tizon.

I’ve almost caught up with the Coffee Ponce of SW8 and his brilliant podcasts.

Sadly I know what the ending is: Daniel Cruz Tizon is Available will soon become unavailable.

Don’t leave it too long to make a comeback, Mister.

Ditto South London Hardcore.

Um, Metroknobbers, anyone?

The watering of the garden had a few obstacles to overcome.

Daisy wanted her usual afternoon shower.

The Other One

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And then the watering can stopped flowing with the water. I had to remove a slug jammed in the spout.


I finished in time to catch the Swansea Vs Everton match.

A little FaceTime with AWOL Anna, and then an evening of school work whilst catching up with Giro d’Italia.

I’m planning a long day in the saddle myself on Sunday. I need to avoid the car crash that will no doubt be taking place at the City Ground.

Two Stars on the Badge, etc.

Division Three here we come.


Who put the ball in the scouser's net?

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