A full on SE17 school day for Thursday.

This was my first time back on the Aylesbury since the Easter break. I was a little lost, a little out of routine.

Today I am going to work dressed as an England ODI player. #OddJase

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I pressed on with the mantra and mindset to see what comes my way. I found myself caught up in an Easter bonnet parade, dancing to Yellow Submarine and learning some instructional text on ‘how to eat in a posh restaurant.’

As ever, how was your working day, Comrades?

I had a few more tech problems with my camera. Having forked out for a HUGE memory card, I couldn’t find it…


I found a replacement in my kit bag. Later in the day I found the HUGE memory card. Sitting in my kit bag…

Writing came hard.


I couldn’t read my notepad scribble at first. And then when I could, I lost the flow of words.

Oh dear.

The school day came to a close with a beautiful school choir rendition of True Colours.

And then my new Nike Airs were trodden upon.


I didn’t make a fuss.

I cycled on through Camberwell and Brixton, all bound for a double dip in the waters of Lake Brockwell.

I had the pool to myself for the first five minutes of the afternoon opening session.


Mine, all mine #doubledipping #lidolove

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Foolishly my two swimming hats were back in the flat.


I did consider head above water breast stroke in the 14 degrees of the lovely lido.

But bugger to that.

I pressed on with the usual freestyle, head under water et al.

The first length bloody hurt. I then found my rhythm, and the sudden rush of blood to the head.

The water was pure Brockwell blue. I could see from one end of the pool down to the other. It made the crappy indoor Essex pool look like… a crappy indoor Essex pool.

See ya!

I arsed around in the spa for half an hour or so, going through my silly stretching routine.

A brief Lidl run back in Sunny Stockwell, and then an evening of editing school content.

TOTP on BBC4 was dire.

I FaceTimed Anna back in the Estuary Wilds instead.

It’s a return to Brockwell early in the morning.


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