Bran Flakes for breakfast, shared with Dotty.


I turned my back for the briefest of moments. Dotty was licking her lips having eaten a Bran Flake.

Meanwhile the poncey cat food that both the kittens refuse to eat still sits in the kitchen cupboard.

I’m stocking up on Lidl Bran Flakes this weekend.

The early morning work was so so. Thing have been unpredictable of late.

I had a little time to bash out the first Buzz #GE2017 piece.

And so it begins.

Hoey is so f-ed, btw.

It was a strong ride in along the Trail, and then a strong gym session.

That will be the Bran Flakes, Jase.

West Ham Wanker was doing a Van Morrison conga around the gym. I didn’t understand what was going off.

A little more work back at base, and a brief escape to the garden for some wisteria snaps.

It still isn’t peak wisteria. I’m heading back to Sunny Stockwell in the morning. This was my only chance to capture it.

The Bran Flakes were still burning away late afternoon. I escaped on the Tourer for a brief roll out.

I couldn’t locate the Garmin anywhere in the house.

Oh the irony.

Oh dear

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The main road out towards the Tendring peninsula has had the Essex road treatment bodge. This means glue is dropped on the surface, and then loose gravel is tipped on top.

It was a very unnerving bicycle ride.


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The surface improved along the pavé towards Little Bromley. I lived out my Spring Classics dream.

I gave the Brompton a little TLC before I head back home to S Ldn in the morning. I say TLC – I put some air in the tyres and tightened up the seat bolt.


I listened to Lambeth Full Council early evening. I managed to get another Buzz story out of it.

I’m contemplating leaving a bowl of Bran Flakes out overnight.


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