Ahh – a return to the Tuesday morning routine of the 7am work shift for me, and the 7:06 train back to Transpontonia for Anna.

We’ll miss all of this when, when…

When I don’t know what, to be honest.

The work was smooth.

And then at 9am it was the task of taking down the Easter Holiday sliders from South London school websites.

Hey hoe, teacher friends. Only one more term to go…

@RobertElms was a decent listen. Round Your Manor was all around Clap’ham.

It reminded me that I rarely set foot on the mean streets of SW4 these days. My Clap’ham experience was centred around the old Clap’ham Manor Street baths, korfball and running around the Common.

I appear to have been displaced to the beauty of Brockwell, despite Clap’ham being up the road.

I was all set for some more SW4 thoughts with Elms.

And then #GE17 dropped.

Oh bollocks.

I plan to hibernate for the next six months. I’m not up for the hyperlocal bollocks to be honest.

I can’t be arsed with The Chronic stuff. I was left pretty much burnt out with the 2015 General Election, and then the All Outs for the Borough last year.

Plus I’ll be in S Ldn when it all kicks off.

Which is convenient 😉

I might touch some Buzz bits and bobs.

But it’s all a load of bollocks. And bollocks to them all.

The remainder of Tuesday was work heavy. I quite enjoyed the escape from the political reality.

I went to a Wivenhoe Town Council meeting by mistake on Tuesday evening.

Oh dear.

It plodded, but I was too polite to leave.

Hibernation, here we come.

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