Another early morning frog call from Dotty.

The Other One

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It was such a tiny little thing that she was playing with in the back garden. It was barely out of the tadpole cycle.

I told Anna to lob it cricket ball style over the two garden fences where it came from.

Anna is a country girl at heart, and so respected the rural etiquette.

I reckon that Dotty is a city girl. I’m putting forward the case for taking her back to Sunny Stockwell with me. At least it would be a solution to this kitten sitting silliness.

Bank Holiday Monday MUD

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Another disappointing cloudy swim followed. I only managed 30 lengths. I couldn’t see the lady in the same lane with her power breast stroke legs.

OUCH Madam, etc.

West Ham Wanker was parading around the gents in his new pants. They are best described as a ball of Edam with the wire cutter up the middle.

They appeared particularly painful.

I had a brief Bank Holiday work shift mid-morning.

It's a pink 'n' blue paramilitary style day, Comrades #dhfc

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We then buggered off on a Brightlingsea BOOZE / football walk.

It was a WEIRD Estuary Wilds weather day. We were both prepared for sunshine and chills. Layers of clothing were removed, and then put on once again throughout the hack.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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I did the snappy, snappy thing.

It’s all about the light, Comrades.

Blimey #Brightlingsea

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We arrived at Brightlingsea in good time for the football. The R’s had already been crowned champions. One more point was needed from the remaining two games to top the magical 100 figure.

I was asked on the gate of I was paying the OAP rate.


It was a decent game against Dereham Town. Some EPIC Dulwich Hamlet away days look likely, should the pink ‘n’ blue boys remain in the Isthmian Premier.

#chinchin #Brightlingsea

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We both boozed it throughout the match. Easter eggs were also eaten for the energy.


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The drinking continued in the UKIP pub. Anna read out a Brexit tweet. I physically distanced myself from her.

I had a little more early evening work, and then the Boro Vs Arsenal match brought Bank Holiday Monday to a close.

I am sunburnt, and a little tired and emotional.


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