There was four in the bed and the little one said…

That will be Daisy then.

It was quite sweet first thing on Saturday morning. Anna, Daisy, Dotty and me, all together in bed.

New readers: Daisy and Dotty are kittens. I’m not sure if that makes it any less seedy or not.

Anyway, all four were awake by 5am with the sun shining through the loft window. We didn’t move; the weekend was just taken in.


Bloody hippie, Jase.

It went a little wonky when I went to make the tea. Daisy caught a DIRTY fly and decided to have it for her breakfast.


Colchester Park Run, innit. LOVE IT

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I did the Sunny Colch Park Run disappearing act. Anna wasn’t far behind, but wasn’t running this week. She’s still feigning a silly snowboarding injury.

It was an ACE Park Run. Over 400 runners had gathered in Castle Park. Not bad for a Bank Holiday weekend.

It was a bit of a LibDem takeover. A couple of decent local political sorts were very kindly stewarding.

Another chap decided to run around Castle Park wearing a LibDem T-shirt. It was so bright in colour that it would make even Sir Bob Russell blush.

Easy, fella.

I had no ambitions, apart from the usual mantra of JUST LEG IT.

I was booze free from the night before. I felt fit.

I finished with a Castle Park PB of 21’25” – seven seconds faster than my previous PB.

Happy with that.

I still don’t think that I will be able to dip below 21 minutes – both in Sunny Colch and back home on the Brockwell Park Run.

Hip Hop Jase Pt II, innit

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Various town tasks then took place. I blagged a pair of half decent new Reeboks at a local charity shop.

There has always been a hip hop element to my dress sense, etc Comrades.

Am I having a mid-life crisis?

I took my new Swatch to the jewellers for some strap adjustments. I bought it online, but it was bloody big. The very helpful staff sorted me, free of charge, natch.

And then some beard balm.


Oh Lordy

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My beard grows in four week cycles. I shave it all off ahead of a haircut. I might have enough growth to BALM IT up after three and a half weeks.

We did the Mod shop thing. I was carrying a Sports Direct bag and still wearing my running gear.

It was a little awks.

Welcome to the Cultural Quarter #Colchester

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And then Firstshite.

Anna had yet to see the latest two main exhibitions. She tried to contain her giggles.

Firstsite can be a little hit and miss #Colchester

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The BP Portrait exhibition was half decent.

Anna then spoilt the arty farty moment by having a picnic at Firstshite.


We cycled on to the gym for a bit of GRUNTING.

There was some weird fella wearing what looked like a hybrid between fitness gear and a chicken costume.

I’m not making this shit up.

I was too scared to ask…

Back Box blasted over the gym PA. I shouted out RAVE to Anna.

I was blanked.

I spanked her in the pool, so to speak. Forty power lengths and a botched tumble turn.

Oh dear.

In Get a Bloody Move On Wisteria News:

Almost, almost #wisteria

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Get a bloody move on, etc.

We need about three days of Estuary Wilds rays for the full effect. The forecast is to piss it down all day tomorrow.

We caught the second half of the Spurs Vs Bournemouth match, and then buggered off to watch some proper football with Wivenhoe Town.

It was ACE.

Fuck. Some lively language down at Broad Lane

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The Dragons had their ‘keeper sent off early in the game. They then dominated, only to fall behind late in the match. Wivenhoe then grabbed a very, very late equaliser.

I *might* have uttered the phrase: you dirty, cheating Norfolk scum.

Apologies. I was caught up in the moment, Comrades.

Southampton Vs Man City back at base was so so.

And then BOOZE.

And Sexy Beast.

A good day.

The Other One and The Other One, innit

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