A Cressingham Buzz story to start off Thursday morning. It seems that I have been caught in a Cressingham story loop for the past three years.

Absolute respect for the residents in fighting a Council that thinks it is a property developer.

Some mid-morning work shifts gave me an opportunity to take my tea count into double figures before midday.

The gym session didn’t get off to a good start. I picked up cramp putting on my gym socks.


The running and GRUNTING in the gym was half decent. The swim was full on.

I then fell asleep in the sauna for half an hour.


I woke up in time to get showered and back to base ahead of the afternoon work. I logged in with seconds to spare.


The afternoon then plodded.

I deleted my zoolz account after less than a week.

It was rubbish.

I’m running the latest Mac OS on a pretty high spec machine. zoolz was buggy in trying to talk to the contents of my hard drive.

No ta.

Tapa Zuckie was the random choice of tunes for the run of work shifts. This then led to Massive Vol I, II and III.

I was a big fan of the first album, back in the day. The transition from UK Greensleeves reggae to the origins of dancehall on Massive III was pretty pacy.

The #CravatPonce then found himself watching a youtube video on how to balm your beard.


The Other One

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Work tools were downed late afternoon. I managed to tick off the bloody housework ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend. I found three of Dotty’s play balls down the back of various pieces of furniture.


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The garden was watered, Daisy wasn’t. I timed it just right as she was away doing her wandering thing.

TOTP from 1983 on BBC4 was bloody brilliant.

The Long Hot Summer video featured.

I did a little Weller strut on my hoovered rug.

Level 42 were up next, white denim et al.

Hang on – I thought that this was a Weller thing a little later on the white denim timeline around ’85?

I hope that my white denim fixation isn’t being confused for being a Level 42 fan.

Anna returned with tales from South London. They involve emailing our local Progress Cllr.

Oh dear.

We watched the second half of the CHEATING BASTARDS Anderlecht Vs Man Utd match.

And then darts.

Thursday closed with some scrutiny of the tidal charts for Mersea Island in the morning.

Oh Lordy.

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