I Am Sitting in a Room to start Wednesday morning with #LateJunction.

It was hypnotic listening for the 7am work shift.

The mid-morning gym escape didn’t contain the same listening pleasures. I left my headphones at home, and so had to do with the gym PA.

A new playlist has been put together. I’m calling it: Back End of the Alphabet.

I had to suffer the dirge of The Verve, and then we skipped W, X and Y and went straight to ZZ Top.

West Ham Wanker was holding court in the gents. He told a tall story that began:

“When I use to swim in Tooting Lido as a young lad…”

My Transpontine heart skipped a beat.

Back at base and The Postman Delivers:

What's the time, Mr #CravatPonce? #NuSwatch, innit

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The strap needs some adjustments.


Also arse was tumblr.

I bloody hate tumblr. It’s so f-ing fiddly.

But I’m working on a few projects where tumblr is thought of as the frontier of the modern interweb.

It would be easier to hard code to be honest.

Gilles Peterson’s first All Winners of 2017 raised the work output.

Top man.

I did a little more photo unarchiving, optimistic of finding some more Lido GOLD from back in the day.

Instead I uncovered another 1,000+ photos from SE17 school assemblies.

And then L******er.

Oh dear.

Tonight Matthew, we are all L******er fans.

How the f*** did it come to this?

#TwoStarsOnTheBadge, etc Comrades.

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