It was the morning of the Great Duvet Divide.

This took place earlier in the week back home in Sunny Stockwell. Tuesday morning was time for the Estuary Wilds great divide.

I have actually peaked a little too early this year. My diary said the 1st May for splitting the winter and summer duvet.

But I have been a little HOT in bed of late, Baby.

The kittens of course made it a near impossible task.

And for my next trick #FaveKitten

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The 7am work shift was also put to bed. I then disappeared off to the gym.

The summer feel continued with the first appearance of lycra shorts of the season. This wasn’t deliberate; all my tights are in the wash.

It was WEIRD in the gym.

Maintenance issues meant that the male and female changing rooms had been swapped.

It was all going OK until a young lady walked into the temporary gents, unaware of the switch.

I won’t repeat what West Ham Wanker said to her.

A little more work back at base, a little more listening with @Robert Elms.

The Nu New Street Adventure single is ACE.

I was considering how the white Levi’s soul reminds me of The Cost of Loving era of The Style Council – a most underrated era.

And then yer man dropped Shout to the Top.


The Work Scheduling Gods smiled on me once again, freeing me up for the afternoon. I’m working over the Bank Holiday, natch.

The blue skies and slight breeze meant that I had to go for a bicycle ride.


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I’m a little buggered for Essex routes without the guidance of Anna leading the ride. I did the Wifey Weekend Roll Out, solo, with a slight detour to take in the mansion of the great Bobby George.


I arsed around a little with some Colne Radio social content. The station needs to step up to the FM game – that includes the hit and miss social media manager.

Time, as ever, is the issue.

I’ve tried to streamline the workflow. I’m trying out a new suite that knocks up social cards in around 30 seconds or so.

We’ll see…

The garden was then calling, and so was David Cruz Tizon.

The former needed a serious tidying up after a week away in South London. The latter is a tidy fella, to be honest.

It was the occasion of the first full watering of the garden.

And so it begins…

I also started to trim back the sticky thing that grows along the side of the house. The trick is to keep the sticky thing head height.

Sorry, sticky thing.

Wisteria countdown, innit

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The wisteria countdown is continuing. I’m predicting peak wisteria on Bank Holiday Monday.

This will also mean that the local bee population will be buzzing around our back garden. I’m also predicting that Dotty will take one for the team, being stung before Daisy.

Here's The Other One. She's been gone bloody ages today. Naughty Dotty

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Dotty did a serious disappearing act on three separate occasions today. My tolerance for not worrying about her extended wanders is not disappearing.

I did a little more photo unarchiving of my old CDR’s. I’m coming close to transferring every image that I have shot from 2004 to various hard and cloud based back ups.

I have an awful lot of photos of South London kids in the lovely SE17 school.

Tuesday evening was spent catching up with Paris-Roubaix.


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