A slight change in work shifts led to a return to the early morning swim routine. I remembered that my swimming energy is at its strongest before 8am.


Jase the Fish, etc.

Don’t Stop the Party came over the PA in the empty gents training room. My Pavlovian response was to attempt a naked Peter Wright style darts dance.

It was too early for this nonsense.

The bicycle ride in saw the first appearance of the season for the lycra shorts. Mr Cormorant had returned to his Hythe perch. He looked a little dishevelled at such an early hour.

The run of work shifts started at the more traditional time of 9am. It felt more like the old 9-5 than the modern interweb economy of the distributed workforce.

We had a few work woes posting some content via Hootsuite. No worries – the back door of using Twitter natively came to the rescue.

It felt most odd.

Does anyone still use the native desktop client?

Bloody first utility continued to frustrate the f*** out of me mid-morning. I finally managed to switch away from them over twelve months ago. Still the incorrect correspondence continues.

I calmed it all down by taking a break to listen to the first ball of the new season being bowled back at The Oval.

And we are away.


Lord’s last September seems like a very long time ago.

I exchanged some email correspondence with David Cruz Tizon about podcasts. It was only later in the day that I realised that I referenced his old podcast, and not his current project.


I’m sure David won’t mind.

And so it begins #wisterialove

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More work, and a little surveying of the garden before disappearing to South London. I expect the wisteria to be in full bloom when I am next back in bloody Essex.

My final Essex act was to knock up some new social banners for Colne Radio ahead of the FM launch this weekend. It took me back to the ITN basement days and the MAGIC of dancing gifs.

I then did a runner back to Sunny Stockwell.

Time to breathe once again.


I cycled down from LS, and headed straight for The Oval. I managed to catch the final hour and a half or so of the season opener for the ‘rrey.

On the piss in the Peter May, innit #3feathers

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It was GLORIOUS in the Nu Peter May. The old pisshead atmosphere has been retained, along with the Surrey sun trap.

Welcome to my weekend, Comrades.

BLOODY LOVE this place #3feathers

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I stayed sober. I had some gardening to catch up on at South Lambeth Road. The hedge thing – that isn’t technically our hedge thing – needed a haircut.

Chainsaws: F-YEAH.

A brief Lidl run, and then a bit of online catching up.

TOTP on BBC4 had the Lotus Eaters and The First Picture of You.

The warmth of the music kinda fitted the mood for the day.


Anna FaceTimed. She told me that she has taken some of the old toys belonging to the mad cat out of storage for the kittens to play with.

I tried to hide my emotion over the iPhone screen 🙁

Hey hoe – the lovely lido in the morning will make everything alright.

Swim to Live.

Live to Swim.


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