Serenade Radio and a full on 7am work shift.

Oh – happy birthday, Jase.

Work was manic all day.

Hey hoe.

Yer man @RobertElms played the new Weller single. It is very, very beautiful.

Bob gushed a little, claiming it to be not only the Record of the Year – in March – but also the best thing Weller has ever recorded.


#neoNeckerchief, for sure.

Luncheon brought a blustery ride along the Trail for a brief gym session.

Grunty GRUNT.

Anna returned from Canada [I think?] late afternoon. She’s buggering off back to S Ldn in the morning.

Dotty came crashing through the cat flap with her latest kill: a teabag.

Well done, luv.

Match talk on BBC Nottingham was sobering.

Forest are f-ed.

We got bloody #labourdoorstepped early evening. Sadly I couldn’t answer the door because of work.

The birthday boy spent Monday evening at a Wivenhoe Town Council meeting.

Oh dear.

MOD cat, #innit

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