A manic 7am work shift.

Blimey – where did that come from?

I tried to escape, but the emails kept on coming. I had some more school content to publish.

It gave me a good reason to remove some of the ‘hit and miss’ photos that landed my way via some shaky school iPads.

Half decent snaps is the magic dust that makes a school website.

The ying to this modern interweb yang is another school that is going PHOTO CRAZY. I’ve spent the best part of a week trying to find a compromise solution for them.

Serenade Radio kept me calm.

Who else was slurping tea at 8am and celebrating the imminent 100th birthday of Dame Vera Lynn?

Thought not.

The Postman delivers: Cat food.

And chuffing LOADS of it as well.

The Postman Delivers: Festival of Cat Food

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Daisy and Dotty are bingeing on the dry stuff in the way that I can polish off a tube of Pringles.

The wet food still has the same reaction that I display if presented with tuna.

I don’t eat tuna cat food, btw.

The escape to the gym was much needed. I had energy. It needed to be expanded.

I had a bit of a gym buddy thing going with The Tattoo.

The Tattoo is 90% tattoo, 10% man. Everyone else appears in black and white compared to his body armour.

I tried to picture the head of Daniel Ruiz Tizon imposed on The Tattoo.

It put me off my bench presses.

Sussudio was playing on the gym PA.

I made a mental reminder to give this a quick play back at base.

The cycle back home along the Trail was bloody fast. I was on the summer MTB for the first time.

Pockets of daffodils are somehow growing down by the Muddy Banks, close to the tide.

The fast ride and the daffs reminded me of… the New Fast Automatic Daffodils.

I had a bit of an early 90s funk workout ahead of the afternoon shifts.

Funky Friday with @RobertElms took on a Philly feel.

I kept the soul going throughout the afternoon with Streetsounds 1,2 and 3.

“Oh my God, I think I’m having a rap attack…”


Vol 1, 2 and 3 were ACE. It was that micro point where the soul met the hip hop. The cold Streetsounds Electro was yet to be launched. Pitching the funk with the early electro led to some great mixes.

I finally found a solution late in the day for publishing the 200+ photos I take each time I visit a South London school.

I already publish them, but with a few words as well.

The feedback has come back that the parents want to see photos.


That was quite an easy solution, tbh.

I disappeared up to the other end of the village to the vets before it closed. We needed some more of the worming crap for Daisy and Dotty.

A conversation took place about using tablets, and not the back of the neck stuff.

Poor little Daisy is not yet big enough for tablets 🙁

Actually, the last thing I want after last summer is trips to the vets to pick up tablets.

The new Weller album was downloaded – a soundtrack.


I initially find each new Weller album hard to get to grips with, such is the high respect I hold the predecessor with.

I stayed sober for the evening.

It seemed a little pointless in getting SMASHED with Anna not around.

I settled down to watch the 6 Day cycling instead.


BIG, BIG Forest day tomorrow.

#TwoStarsOnTheBadge, etc.

Oh Lordy.

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