A bully of a big boy cat in the back garden first thing on Thursday morning.

Daisy and Dotty were AWOL.

Oh dear.

I had another PJ’s mad moment of hisssssing at the bully of a big boy.

Betcha he’s a bit of a cutie tbh.

I bashed out a brief Buzz piece, and then pressed on with the stop/start work shifts.

Some school work was also slotted in. I am WAY behind in publishing the SE21 school content from the start of the week.

It’s ACE to have a school website that is photo heavy; it’s a bit of a beast to put it all together behind the scenes.

It didn’t help that I uploaded the 200+ images to the back end of the wrong school site. I then deleted the local copy of the images that I had edited.


Hurrah then for ftp, and downloading once again via the back door.

It was another work at home day with the back door open.

The fella a couple of doors down took it on himself for the first mowing of the lawn this season.

Mine is still mush.

Mr Sainsbury’s did the delivery man thing mid-afternoon. The order consisted of cat litter and BOOZE.

That’s my life round about now.

TOTP from 1983 on BBC4 was brilliant.

Pretty Boy Dave Wakelin was doing his Can’t Get Use to Losing You whistling thing. By pure coincidence I am bingeing on Dance Craze in small bites at the moment.

I finally finished off the school work late in the day.

And then some DARTS to end Thursday.

I need to streamline the way I work.

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