A Colne Radio midweek meeting first thing on Wednesday.

It was all very informal – so much so that I got lost in finding the location.



REDACTED XXX was the most exciting.

Actually we were trying to pool some thoughts ahead of the 106.6 FM launch in less than a month’s time.

And for the record, I’m NOT rigging the online poll so that the first record played on FM is Purple Rain.


I cycled on from the meeting along the Trail, en route to the gym.

I was wearing short-sleeved lycra. There is the possibility of NAKED THIGHS being on show tomorrow morning. Possibly the summer MTB as well.

It was a full on gym session, swim and spa.

The Slapper came close to spoiling the swim.

Imagine you are trying to swot a fly with your bare hands.

Whilst in the water…

This is the approach that The Slapper takes to body/water contact.

It took him a couple of minutes to complete a single length. Talk about the Dying Fly, etc.

Even more BONKERS was the bloke in a bra.

At least that is what it looked like underwater. It turns out that it was one of those fitness bands that serves no scientific purpose.

I resisted the urge to stop off and do the nature shit thing on the bicycle journey back to base. Work shifts were calling. I came a bit of a copper with these the day before…

The work environment was the kitchen table with the back door open, and the Estuary Wilds rays beaming through.

Gilles Peterson perfected the spring feel.

He played Dennis Brown’s Too Late.

I had something of a late afternoon moment.

In Wisteria Bud News: the buds are budding, bud. If we keep up this run of radiant weather then I predict the explosion of wisteria colour by mid-April.

Not quite full of the joys of spring was the dead Mr Toad that Dotty delivered at sunset.

Oh dear.

If an online tool is ever built to auto write these hit and miss posts, it must include the text string: ‘Dotty, dead, Mr Toad.’

I fear that the species will be extinct around these parts before the season is out.

And the Other One. With a dirty nose

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I had endless online admin to catch up with early evening.

Plus the Man City match.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.


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