A 7am work shift, and then the bicycle ride along the Trail to the gym.

Multiple gym buddies called me ‘buddy.’

Am I now their buddy, bud?

I had to wait for a free lane in the pool.

The water was bath lukewarm. Lake Brockwell this most certainly wasn’t.

It was a tired, laboured swim. I felt like the water was working against me, rather than me working with the water.

Some swims are better than others.

More work back at base.

I’ve had better days tbh 🙁

Daisy and Dotty did the in/out thing. They seem to be enjoying the spring.

I became a little misty eyed over the mad cat.

Will these thoughts ever disappear?

Oh dear.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon cheered me up once again.

I am SO behind with the …Available podcasts.

No worries – it means that I have a whole series to look forward to.

Coffee, Community and Change is a half decent strap line that seems to sum up SW8 right now.

I had a little preparation for a Colne Radio meeting in the morning, and then the L******er match.

And then Tuesday came to a close with Daisy bringing a bloody big garden worm in.

Cheers, luv.

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