A bonkers hit and run day back to South London.

Wish you were here, etc.

The snowboarding Anna meant that I had to be here and there.

Here was around at dawn and dusk to be with Daisy and Dotty; there was back in South London for a school day in SE21.

One proposition was MASSIVELY more appealing than the other.


DO IT #ponce

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And so an early Estuary Wilds start on the strategic 7:06.

Essex trainspotters will be familiar with the advantage of this train. Once you are out of Witham then you have a clear run all the way through to Stratford.

I had a brief catch up with Linely at the other end at LS. He was en route to Liverpool. My end destination was the other side of London in SE21.

I cycled through a busy City on the Brompton, crossed at London Bridge, and freewheeled down to the Elephant.

A burn through Brixton, and then I stopped off for the briefest of brief social calls at the lovely lido.

Oooohhh. My LOVELY #lidolove

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It was a GLORIOUS Lido Golden Day. Blue skies and a blue basin to match.

Betcha those dancing fairies were doing their fanciful flirting thing under the water.

I didn’t have time to find out. Morning assembly on the other side of the Park at 9am was calling.

I’m pleased that I made it in time. I was rewarded with a singing and signing of Twist and Shout.

LOVE that school.

I tried a new way of working – again – after a useful catch up with some senior school folk.

The feedback is that the parents want PICTURES.

I can do that.

I planned to snap more, and scribble less.

Come chucking out time and my camera had 400+ images.

2,195 words are sitting on my MacBook waiting to be published after visiting 18 different lessons.

That didn’t go too well, did it Jase?


I legged it out of SE21 after 4pm. South London smelt of summer; South London smelt ACE.

BREAD. I have #Transpontine olive bread. Goodo

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I stopped off at Mr Dilieto’s in SW8 to stock up on some Transpontine olive bread.

And then back to LS, and the train all the way back to *over there.*

I arrived back in time for Match Talk on Radio Nottingham. I can’t say that I am looking forward to the D***y weekend with any enthusiasm.

Daisy and Dotty were bloody active.

Dotty did the Mr Toad thing, bringing in a fresh fella for me to inspect.

Cheers, luv.

I packaged Mr Toad up in the lunchbox, and lobbed him over into the nearby pond.

I know how anglers feel.

Chelsea Vs Man Utd, a bit of Elvis and BOOZE.

Shall we do it all over again tomorrow?

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