A Sunday morning spent editing school images. The backlog has been bloody huge.

Collective work is ACE, etc. But I do tend to groan a little when 300+ images come my way, all of different dimensions, quality and even formats.

The kittens were oblivious to this toil. They LOVE the spring garden.


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We’re down to the last dozen or so daffodils standing. Daisy and Dotty have mistaken them for scratch poles.

I took a break from the school content and whacked up the firstshite images.

Maybe it was all a little bit better than I first thought?

Is that how Brian Sewell wrote his art reviews?

I also bashed out a brief story for the Colne Radio website. We are up and running now on 106.6 FM with the test transmissions.


HIGH TIDE, innit

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I disappeared to the gym for most of the day.

I didn’t spend most of the day in the gym, but fell asleep by the pool instead.


Down by the Muddy Banks, innit

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I caught the Liverpool match, and then cracked on with publishing yet more school content.

Elvis’ Good Times album was the unlikely soundtrack. My Boy is the only half decent track.

I’ve got a bloody early South London start in the morning.


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