Up early with the backside of a kitten in my face. I couldn’t tell which one it was. I’m not familiar with the appearance of that end of their bodies.

Betcha it wasn’t #FaveKitten, though.

Watching the birdies #FaveKitten

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Cheers, luv.

I caught up with a bit of schoolwork image editing, and then cycled off along the Trail for the first time in over a week.

Muddy Banks, innit

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The surface has almost dried out. I had a few hairy moments around the bends on the winter MTB.

And yeah – DING DONG.

I do ring my bicycle bell, Comrades.

Phew. Pleased we’ve cleared that one up.

At the other end of the Muddy Banks was Colchester Park Run.

I was SO up for this.

I think?

Colchester Park Run, innit

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Hangover free, and a fresh feel in the air. My PB of 21’23” was there for the taking.

I started at the front of the pack, and pretty much kept up with the pace – apart from the hills. I am crap at climbing hills.

Short paces, pump it out, Jase.

I didn’t actually say this, btw.

My finish token tag said position #32 out of a field of almost 350. Strava said just over 22 minutes.

Never trust Strava.

The official race time that dropped later in the morning was 21’37” – 14 seconds off the PB.

ARSE, etc.

Still, a half decent run.

Oh dear

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I had a bit of business around town. I had to return a set of keys for the flat to Mr Key Cutter for the second time. They just aren’t working.

It ‘aint no fun being shut out on the streets of SW8.

Firstshite was up next.

I deliberately avoid the official openings of any exhibition. From past experience I imagine that Friday night was full of luvvies and local politicians – a toxic combination.

Firstshite, innit

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Firstshite was empty on Saturday morning for the first official day of the three new exhibitions.

This is terribly sad.

But, y’know…

It was a little underwhelming tbh. The mural on the shitty slopey wall tried to impress. But it look half-finished.

Maybe that is the point, dahhhling?

The Colchester Cabinet of Curiosities was crap.


But it was.

Firstshite, innit

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World Turned Upside Down was more like it. Sadly it is only open for three weeks.

I believe the children are our future. Teach them well…

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I snapped away, and then tried the new Anchor app that is out of beta.

Oh dear.

Why does the modern interweb have to keep on trying to better itself? If it ‘aint broke, etc.

The beauty of the original Anchor was the simplicity. Record, share, move on.

I don’t want to set up a ‘station’ and invite ‘call ins’ from other users.

You would have thought that the Audioboo / Audioboom mistake wouldn’t be repeated.

I cycled out of Sunny Colch and on to the gym. Some GRUNTING on the big weights, and then forty lengths.



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It was gorgeous for the bicycle ride back along the Trail. It inspired me to get out in the garden and do a bit of spring cleaning.

Spring cats, innit

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You can now see how the garden is shaping for the summer months coming up. The lawn is still a mucky patch of brown. Lawn seed has already been sourced.

I had work shifts throughout the afternoon.

Quiet. Deadly quiet.

Housework then had to be done. It was a little hard with #FaveKitten sitting on my shoulder throughout.

And then the Arsenal match, Paris-Nice and BOOZE.


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