Early spring along Railton Road in Brixton.


This is one of my favourite times of the year. The trees are heavy with the first signs of spring.

The combination of the nature crap with the city living is how I roll these days.

Bloody hippie, Jase.

I navigated through Poet’s Corner, and then on to the lovely lido.

#lidolove kisses mwahhh

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The swim was delightful. The water temperature is at the almost perfect level of hovering around ten degrees.

It has enough edge to give you a sharp wake up call, but not so much that it leads to the war cry of BOLLOCKS.

I managed ten lengths to match the ten degrees.

I cycled on from the lido and back towards Sunny Stockwell for a school day.

LOVE that school.

Far too many highlights. I did enjoy my ‘wimba ways’ with the Choir performance of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The headband game in Year 10 was VERY funny. I was a potato, apparently.

Much to my annoyance I was summoned back to *over there* for the weekend. Anna is buggering off on some snowboarding bollocks. I’m left on kitten watch.


The train journey was half decent. More Specials kept me company.

Hello, My name is Jase and I’m going to Enjoy Myself first, etc.

I had a brief work shift early evening, and then disappeared to the train station once again to see Anna off.

The plan was to hit the BOOZE. But somehow I remained sober.

Watching D***y was a very sobering experience.

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