I tried to make inroads into the Rip It Up book on the commute back to South London. I have renewed it from the library four times now. This is more of a comment on my reading speed than the quality of the book.

I’ve reached ’81 in the story and the ABC manifesto. I bought into the ABC manifesto more than 35 years ago. I didn’t realise at the time that the manifesto was anything other than pure pop music.

I must persist again with the Lexicon of Love Pt II from last summer. It was starting to brighten up my world, when the mad cat then went and died.


I now associate Lexicon II with that painful summer of non-stop crying 🙁

Who broke my heart, you did, you did…

The other highlight of the commute was clocking another Moulton F-Frame, this time in Stratford.

I’m seeing them more and more around town. I reckon it is because I am on the look out for them. I am VERY tempted to embrace the world of Moultoneering once again.



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I cycled down to SE17 for a pretty whacked school day. I was handed endless photos from various school events over the past fortnight.

I’m under no illusion that the modern interweb magic of school sites is the images. It is one of the few skills that I am half decent at.

I feel a little ‘oh…‘ whenever I am handed a file of iPad out of focus pics to publish.

Time stamped as well…

I managed to make it around all the year groups. I do enjoy the freedom that I have. But it’s bloody hard work.

#SE5, innit

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It was a glorious bicycle ride back towards Sunny Stockwell in the early spring. Blossom lined the route along Camberwell New Road.

It's the Sunny #Stockwell light show again #SW8

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TOTP on BBC4 was weird.

Peel and Kid Jensen filed video holiday reports from Belgium and the Far East. I had forgotten all about these.

Pale Shelter did sound LUSH though.

My meal was the exact same microwave meal that I left out for Anna back in the Estuary Wilds twelve hours earlier.

We must try and catch up together some time…

And then an evening of endless, endless school photo editing.

Hey hoe.

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