A routine 7am work shift.

And then we launched the Colne Radio first FM song call out.

I did plan to rig the vote and make sure that it was Purple Rain.

But nope. That ‘aint happening. Definitely not.

Got it?

I bashed out a Buzz story on Sam the Wheels.

Sam has just always been there as part of my Brixton story. I’ve come to expect to see him as I cycle up Railton Road on to the lido, tinkering around with bicycles.

He’s pushing 90 apparently.


I listened to a little more Daniel Ruiz Tizon as the work shifts continued. Dr Chin popped up in one podcast.

Oh Lordy.

Dr Chin is a bit of a hero if I’m being honest.

Anna was in touch throughout the morning over the ongoing cellar situation back at Dorset Road. It’s a bit of a worry – but not our worry?

We’ll see…

The midweek gym session was functional. Half the village once again appeared to be doing the benchpress thing.

I managed to dodge the showers, and made it back to base for the six month work appraisal.

I maintained a professional face over Skype, despite Daisy and Dotty going BONKERS around me.

More work.

And a bit of the Beatles Love album.

I remembering adoring the mash up when it was first released over a decade ago.

Now it just sounds a mess.


The Man City Vs Stoke match didn’t hold my attention. I arsed around preparing for an escape to South London in the morning.

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