Tech issues on the 7am work shift.


Anna’s contribution was to bugger off back to South London.

Cheers, luv.

The modern interweb blinked back to life. I rubbed my eyes, and tried to do the same.

Daisy and Dotty continue to surprise. They are back on the wet food after a fortnight sabbatical.

Anna has a theory that their WEIRD tap drinking gives them all the water they need without any of the wet food jelly crap.

Anna also had a theory or two about Mr Toad.

Mr Toad was taken away by the bin men shortly after 7am.

It was pretty GLORIOUS once the modern interweb woes and cat crap had been sorted. I opened the back door, and pressed on with the work with some Estuary Wilds rays.

Tuesday was also the first morning of hanging the washing out on the life.

It’s one long PARTY around these parts.

A couple of Buzz pieces were based out. The plan was to take these as they come. I already have backlog of a news list building up.

The Postman Delivers: Bandy and Shinty.

Bandy and Shinty, innit. BEAUTIFUL #nffc

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It’s another absolute beaut from a design perspective. I’ve flicked through the words. I’ll probably speed read it by bedtime.

I had no idea that Young Nigel is the second top goalscorer on Trentside. I will approach the ‘I dreamt of being Ian Woan’ essay with some caution.

Serenade Radio played a cover of Kissing A Fool.

I ADORE that song. I sang along to Daisy, before realising that I was singing along to some Michael Buble bollocks.

Oh dear.

@Robert Elms was as brilliant as ever. Round Your Manor was all about… Brixton.

Yer man got it spot on when he observed that there is no experience in London like the one when you exit Brixton tube.

I can still smell my Brixton tube virgin experience back in ’95. My life was about to change.

Sam the Wheels of Railton Road was also mentioned. The whole three hour broadcast is well worth a listen on catch up.

Work came to a close early afternoon. I finally managed an escape to the gym.

The weights were so so. I find it hard to write about these without sounding like a parody of Tizon’s Kid character. I’m still convinced that he is a comedy character, such is his vanity.

I fell asleep in the spa. This meant a bicycle ride back to base in the dark.

My bloody front light failed me less than five minutes in. I navigated the Trail under moonlight and memory.

Johnno dropped some more Warm and Toasty dates for the spring. We’re Walton bound again 🙂

I watched the Arsenal match whilst listening to the Dulwich commentary away at Macclesfield.

One of these was more amusing than the other.

Edgar Kail in my heart.

ALWAYS, Comrades.

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