A mixed musical start to keep me company on the 7am Thursday work shift.

#LateJunction was the usual random mix of glorious confusion. I rather like this uncertainty first thing in the morning, rather than late at night.

And then at the other end of the spectrum, a little easy listening with Serenade Radio.

Nat’s Mona Lisa went down very well as the fifth cup of tea was slurped before 8:30am.

I had a half hour window break in the stop / start shifts. I reached for the Rip It Up book,

I’ve reached the 2-Tone period – my personal entry into the story.

The detail from Simon Reynolds is spot on for each movement. I remembered how 2-Tone for me was more about the clothes than the music.

But WHAT music!

Work chopped and changed throughout the morning with different projects.

The client having a few local policy difficulties became the client having a few tech issues.

It was a struggle.

Some more South Lambeth Road ‘issues’ kept me occupied.

Daisy and Dotty disappeared outside for the duration of the morning.

I’ve become a lot more relaxed about their wanderings. They are still sticking to the back garden and beyond, rather than the main road at the front.

We’ve no idea how far they are rambling; we’d rather not know.

I do need to change my shaving routine though. Dotty is keeping me awake in the early hours with her tugging away on my whiskers.

Naughty Dotty.

The water thing with Daisy is ODD.

Not right in the head I tell you. Not right in the head #FaveKitten

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Luncheon saw a two hour gap in the work schedule. I seized the escape opportunity and cycled off along the Trail to the gym.

Choo choo. All the way to #Clacton. Gosh

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This was my first proper (off) road test for the new MTB. It’s also the first time that I have cycled with 29″ BIG BOY wheels.


They made a massive difference. I ate up the Trail, taking around two minutes off my normal commute time.

The gym was empty, and so was the pool.

I GRUNTED with the weights, and glided through the water.

Yeah, right…

Another mad dash back to base, and then the afternoon shifts with Chet Baker.

Chet Baker makes everyone feel happier.

Apart from Chet Baker, obvs.

We received the good news that Colne Radio has got the FM go ahead from that nice Mr Ofcom late in the day. A transmitter TURN ON date of [EMBARGOED] has been agreed.

I think I will be in South London that weekend.

Oh dear…

But it’s an ACE effort, going from online bedroom status, to proper grown up radio.

I bashed out a brief story for the Colne website.

Drunken #DARTS took up the early evening.

Anna returned from South London a little later. We had a brief catch up, and then headed out to vote in the local by-election.

I stuck around for the count.


I see…

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