Another early morning, another bedroom beard tug by Dotty.

Oh dear.

She has taken to waking me up at 5am by pulling away on my beard. I refuse to go clean shaven for any female.

But Dotty is an exception.

I pulled a hoodie over my face and tried to sleep the final hour in disguise.

It didn’t work.

Clever Dotty.

The Postman Delivers: the Surrey 2017 Membership pack.


The Postman Delivers: not long now, @surreycricket #wearetherey

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It’s only a couple of months away now from the first ball of the new season being bowled at The Oval.

Our South London lifestyle is a little erratic right now. Flat refurbishments makes it unpredictable to know my movements over the next six months.

I fear a summer of little Oval action 🙁

I cycled up to the University along the new cycle path.

It was GORGEOUS out there – T-shirt weather for some.

Hello BIG BOY. @uniessex, innit

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On my radar was the ACE Colchester Re-cycle charity. They hold a sale each week on campus of bicycles that are a little above the spec to be sent on to Africa.

I donated my old winter MTB, and bought a Carrera.

OH HAI nu MTB beast. Chapeau!

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It looks like a half-decent ride. I didn’t have the heart to explain that I will trash it over the winter months along the Trail.

Hey hoe – at least it’s another notch on my pointless daytum online abacus.

I’m a little shocked that I have had 15 bicycles in just seven years – not always one in, one out, you understand…

Down by the Muddy Banks, innit

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I cycled on to the Hythe on the new MTB, and then a brief 40 lengths in the pool. Everything seemed to click – and I don’t mean my knackered knee, either.

Some swims are better than others.

West Ham Wanker was being an arse.

He was telling the story of how he was clocked speeding at 147mph.

“It was 7am and no fucker is going to be around anyway.”

I sometimes cycle at 7am.

He received a £100 fine:

“But fuck it – I’ll put it through on the business account.”

I wasn’t in the mood to argue.

I managed to make it back to base on the new MTB before the rain. It only became slightly caked in Colne shit along the Trail.

Chet Baker was a pleasant soundtrack for the afternoon shifts.

A little FaceTime with Anna, some tenant ‘issues,’ and then the Arsenal match.

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