The 7am shift and seeing Anna off to South London.

We will reverse this routine one of these days…

Those Muddy Banks again, innit

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The mid-morning escape along the Trail was GLORIOUS. It’s surprising how quick the crap is drying out.

I GRUNTED with the big boys in the gym, and then put in a piss poor laboured 40 lengths. I only managed to pick up the pace for the final 10 lengths.

I shared a lane with a lady who was wearing what looked like a pair of chef’s trousers: cheques and rather baggy. It was the most unlikely swim wear.

Snorkel Lady rocked up in the adjacent lane. This was my signal to leave. I didn’t fancy having my balls kicked in again.

Blue sky, blue pants Tuesday, innit

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The bicycle journey back was just as beautiful.

Except the bicycle is buggered.


I knew that this was coming. I have treated the winter MTB with zero love for the past two seasons. I’ve been waiting for it to give up on me.

The bottom bracket has a wobble. It doesn’t have long left in this world. I may have to see what Re-cycle can do for me up at the University in the morning.

The afternoon shifts were manic.

Major client #1 continued with the online meltdown.

I was able to work with the conservatory door open, allowing in the Estuary Wilds rays to brighten the mood.

My favourite time of day is becoming early evening dusk. There is a reassuring feeling to being back in doors when darkness descends.

I am getting old – unlike the kittens, who continue to push it with their failed evening curfew.

Tuesday evening was spent with a bit of online admin, and then catching up with the first episode of the Nu Roots.

I had to drop this here as well.

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