Monday morning down by the Muddy Banks: That’s more like it.

Muddy Monday

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The Estuary Wilds was transformed from the weekend drabness. Never underestimate the healing power of golden rays.

Down by the Muddy Banks, innit

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It inspired me to GRUNT in the gym on the weights. This lasted for twenty minutes, until some utter shite cover of Ash’s Shining Light came on the gym PA.

I headed for the pool.

Back at base and it was time to jet blast the winter MTB.

You dirty dog, etc.


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I’ve been holding off for the past week or so. The Trail has been caked in crap. There seemed little point in coming clean.

But it comes to something when the the mud is actually jamming between the mud guard and rear wheel.

I looked around the garden and spotted the snowdrops for the first time.

I’m calling it early spring.

Calling it spring

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Work was BONKERS.

A major client was caught up with a major global spam attack.


Gilles Peterson got me through the afternoon shift.

I listened to Match Talk on BBC Nottingham early evening. I find Forest funny right now.

We had a bloody #Labourdoorstep as we were settling down for the evening meal.

Anna did most of the talking.

She politely explained that it was difficult to support any Labour candidate, given the nature of my purging.

I held back, not wanting to speak my mind.


I calmed down watching the Bournemouth Vs Man City match.

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