An early morning ear wash from Dotty.

Cheers, Dotty.

It was 5am when Kitten #2 came up close and decided that my personal hygiene routine was a little lacking.

She then went about my beard, tugging away at it with her teeth.

Friends: I am NOT stressed out. Those bags under my eyes are all down to Dotty.

I had a brief Sunday morning work shift, and then Anna and I disappeared off along what is a messy, messy Trail.


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I was on Puncture Patrol. Between us we have had three psssssts in the space of three weeks.

I looked manic, pointing out shards of glass as we struggled against the cold conditions.

I actually crashed into a tree at one point.

So what if I have a buckled front wheel?

At lest my tyre is still inflated.

Anna had her Gym Bunny hat on. She went through the paces on the treadmill.

I GRUNTED like a trooper with the not very heavy weights.

Forty lengths in the pool, and then a little over exuberance in the steam and sauna.

The plan was to exit the gym fully boiled, and then head off on a hack out to Fingringhoe in the freezing conditions.

We left the gym, both looked at each other and though f-that.

And so a morning at bloody B&Q instead.

We’ll miss it when it is gone.


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The ROCK ‘N’ ROLL spending was all centred on the South Lambeth Road flat: paint, a light for the bedroom and some door stoppers.

Two outta three ‘aint bad was the end result.

We both argued over the bedroom light.

The Fingringhoe hack was replaced by a cold Quayside stroll.

Afternoon wtf #WeirdWiv

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I then watched the second half of the Swansea Vs L******er match.

Early evening was spent editing and publishing Warm and Toasty content from Friday.

The weekend came to a close with us watching the Dad’s Army remake.

You stupid boy, etc.

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