Early Saturday morning and the kittens saw snow for the first time.

It was a little meh to be honest.

I knew how they felt.

The Estuary Wilds served up a day that is best spent indoors. But I had put my name down to steward at Castle Park Run.


I didn’t really mind the stewarding; it was the bicycle ride in that was a real wet arse.

A Winter Trail, innit

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The Trail was peaceful, but caked in shit. I arrived in Sunny Colch with mud splattered down my face.

This was my third consecutive Saturday on stewarding duties. I’ll stretch it to a fourth as the foot injury is still giving me a little grief.

Despite the BEASTLY weather, I bloody loved it.

A very cold Park Run steward. Brrrrr

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There is no finer way to spend an hour on a Saturday morning than shouting encouragement at runners.

Apart from taking part in Park Run, that is…

I was positioned at the top of the steepest climb. I had my pre-prepared lines about ‘that’s the hard work done’ etc all planned out.

I told Anna to get her arse in gear as she approached.

We both disappeared off to Primarni in Colchester for the first time post-race.

You need to approach Primarni with the view of only buying if you need something. Plus also be weary that it is unlikely to survive a second wash.

And then there are the ethics involved…

I left with an empty basket.

I did buy a couple of bicycle locks elsewhere in town. Having been caught short with a jammed lock, I don’t trust the identical lock that I use back home in South London.

A fruitless charity shop crawl in Sunny Colch followed.

Anna had already cycled off to the pool. She texted me to say that she had picked up a puncture en route.


I joined her at the pool, put in 40 lengths, and then walked with both bikes down towards the Hythe to get a new inner fitted.

I timed it to perfection for the train journey back to base.

Bruncheon was spent listening to the brilliant Daniel Ruiz Tizon as we picked away on a couple of croissants.

I confess to having a bit of a backlog of South Lambeth podcasting to catch up with. Yer man is so prolific.

Always quality, as well as the quantity.

That’s what I tell the ladeees, anyway.

There was plans to go and watch Wivenhoe Town at home. A pitch inspection put paid to that.

Bloody housework took up the afternoon.

We caught the second half of the Liverpool Spuz match.

#lolspurs, etc.

I had a brief work shift, and then Long Good Friday was our Saturday film of choice.

Another PROPER London film.

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