Serenade Radio continues to put a smile on my face for the early morning shifts.

I had a client having an overnight meltdown. My balance was restored with the playing of Bert Kaempfert Orchestra’s Something instrumental.

I belted out my best Elvis Vegas vocals to Daisy and Dotty.

They exited through the cat flap

It was BEASTLY out there for the mid-morning cycle along the Trail.



A little grim tbh

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My mind was la la.

I wished Mr Cormorant a “GOOD MORNING!” as I cycled past his Hythe high spot on the pole.

It was straight off the bike, and straight into the sauna at the gym – fully clothed as well.

Five minutes later and I was ready for some GRUNTING.

And then a swim, then some steam.

It wasn’t quite Lake Brockwell spiritual purification. Every orifice was spanking clean and ready for inspection though.

I left the gym as Speak Like A Child appeared on the PA loop.

Actually, I danced out of the gym.

Some Essex geezer called my ‘buddy.’

Betcha yer man Weller has never been called buddy, buddy.

Work, work and kittens.

I had the brainwave to shift downstairs the iPod DAB radio from the office. It was a leaving present from the other SE17 school.

It hasn’t seen much action since my work has shifted downstairs to be with the kittens.

I did invest in some crappy tinny £10 iPod speaker. This was to catch up with Tizon podcasts rather than Wifey mealtime conversations.

But it’s a little fiddly – the crappy tinny £10 iPod speaker, and not the Wifey mealtime conversations.

Or even Tizon.

I listened once again to the recent Mule offering.

It sounded GLORIOUS coming out in mono.

The kittens slept through the falling of the Estuary Wilds fading light.

Work pressed on.

Some TOTP action [OMD!], a returning Anna from South London and then DARTS.


I’m working over in Clactonia tomorrow.

Oh Lordy.

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