Crap Match Report

Streatham Redskins 6, Cardiff Devils 2


To Streatham Rink! …early evening on Saturday.

Or To Streatham Ice Arena and Leisure Centre! …to be technically correct.

Was that decade of political posturing for the ‘hub’ really over linguistics?

It’s all about the HOCKEY, stooopid.

Facing off at 5:30 was the first of a double header for the Redskins against the Cardiff Devils mini-me’s.

A South London showdown on Saturday evening, and then a road trip on Sunday way out west, where we can do it all over again.

Double header weekends are probably unique to hockey. There is so much more going on than simply the gameplay itself.

Battle lines are drawn on the Saturday, and then scores are settled on the Sunday.

You dancing? Drop the gloves tonight, pal, and we’ll see who comes up smiling on Sunday evening.

Saturday night in Streatham didn’t quite boil over, but it did see two teams that clearly have no love lost between them.

My love for the Good ‘ol Hockey Game is still there, but I’ve sadly slipped out of the routine. Farewell London Knights, RIP London Racers.

Whatever happened to Nottingham Panthers anyway…

Time and tide means that I have to select my hockey games with care.

The rituals of the game are still there. I absolutely love the small matters such as the superstition for the last player to leave the ice during the warm up; the team huddle has a similar role with a defined order of joining.

I personally shouted out “DROP IT!” ahead of every face off.

Some familiar names were still icing for the Skins. It seems that if Joe Johnson isn’t playing for the home team then it isn’t a game of Streatham hockey.

I literally spluttered out my milky lukewarm team when I heard that Nicky Chinn was on the team sheet.

Well played, fella.

I didn’t take in all of the detail of the game. It’s never been my way with a hockey match. There is far too much going on for you to obsess over stats.

That’s my Crap Match report excuse, anyway.

But Cardiff did take the lead with a wrap around in the first. Skins equalised at the end of a powerplay in the same period.

The second period saw some dump and chase from both side. Skins came out in the third and made home ice count.

There was the very slight hint of a bench clearance come the final buzzer. Cardiff were frustrated, and wanted to set something up for the return road leg on Sunday.

The Skins sensibly weren’t dancing. Not in Streatham on a Saturday night, anyway.

I walked out of the Streatham Ice Arena and Leisure Centre and took in the surroundings. The decade of political tit for tat over the hub was probably just about worth it.

The MEGA Tesco dominates – a price worth paying for having a small corner of South London still being able to put on the Show every weekend.
















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