Metroknobbers No.28

#whynotjointhelabourparty – ‘cos they won’t let me

South London Hardcore


Stella Creasy

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Stand up for Stockwell

Progress Cllr Alex Bigham


Cllr Bigham’s petition to halt the leadership contest

Cllr Ed Davie

Cllr Lib Peck

Rival petition to kick Cllr Bigham out of the Labour party

Ark Academies

Ultra Blairite Stephen Twigg

Brixton Buzz piece on Progress Cllr Alex Bigham

The Graun on #LabourPurge

Bienkov on #LabourPurge

Harriet Harman on the open Labour party

The Enemy Within

My Cif piece from 2010 on bloody #lambethcoop



Owen Hatherley

853 on Mark Adams

Ex-Lambeth Labour Council Leader purged in Vauxhall

Kate Hoey MP

Kate Hoey on #wato, 37 mins in

853 on Greenwich Planning

Greenwich Council leader makes Private Eye debut

Your Chuffing Nu Town Hall [pdf]

Lambeth Democracy jumps the gun ahead of planning application

Lambeth Council spend £140k ahed of Your Nu Town Hall planning



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