Crap Match Report

Brixton Topcats 58, Loughborough Riders 72

Brixton Topcats Men’s team went down 72-58 in a home game at the Rec on Sunday against Loughborough Riders. This was the biggest basketball crowd of the season so far at the Rec. The atmosphere was boosted with a lively game caller, plus some top tunes being pumped out in-between play.

The Topcats struggled right from the start of the game with the pace set by Loughborough. The away team was tough to break down. If they weren’t racing up and down the Rec floor then they were being physical with the Topcats.

Loughborough had all of the tricks underneath the hoop. Topcats could only respond with some pretty wayward shots, leading to a 23-11 scoreboard in favour of the visitors come the first buzzer.

Topcats changed things around in the second quarter. They managed to keep possession, but sadly it didn’t count for much with some stray shots. A coupe of occasions saw what looked more like a wrestling match break out on the Rec court.

Every rebound seemed to be picked up by the away team. If at first you don’t succeed… Basketball games are usually won on percentage shooting and making the rebound shots count. Loughborough didn’t disappoint, taking a 34-23 lead into the half time buzzer.

Something had to change for the home team at the start of the third. The Topcats took to the Rec court determined to pull back the 11 point ball game. The third was all about eating back the Loughborough advantage, and then making a break for it in the final quarter.

The best laid plans didn’t work for Brixton though. Loughborough sunk some big three-pointers. Topcats meanwhile showed signs of frustration with some sill travelling fouls.

The Topcats finally found their shooting range at the start of the fourth. A succession of three-pointers were sunk. Sadly Loughborough matched the Topcats, shot for shot.

With the Rec clock counting down for the final four minutes or so, Loughborough brought on their bench warmers – a sure sign that the game is over.

The Topcats left the court losing 72-58 in a game that they never really were able to control.











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