Meetin’ Over Yonder

To the 100 Club! …on Thursday evening for a Meetin’ Over Yonder.


Yep, The Style Councillors were gathering again to help keep the torch burning for the *shhh* 40+ Cappuccino Cub crowd.

It’s an ACE FACE, and one that I wear with pride, Comrades.

Having rather nervously put on the loafers to experience the uncertainty of a Style Council tribute band back in December, I had no hesitation in returning to see Probably the Best Pop Group (ish) in the World.

The Weller Convention in Whitechapel last year saw a shortened set from TSC. Down in The 100 Club cellar and it was a full on live gig.

The 100 Club is of course the perfect place for a Council Meeting. Yer man Weller was in there himself at the start of the week for a photoshoot.

Under the dimmed lights deep down below on Thursday evening and there was no shortage of Weller clones. Squint, and yeah, that might just be yer man.

Some classic soul and British jazz set the mood with the DJ set. Yeh Yeh sounded ACE.

I’ve not had this high level of expectation ahead of a gig since, well, since The Style Council proper back at the Royal Concert Hall in the Fair City in 1987.

I was wearing white denim then as well.

Sadly it is highly unlikely that you get to hear these songs live again with the original players. The level of detail that the Councillors put into the arrangements is astonishing.

I started dancing from the opening chords of Meetin’ Over Yonder. I didn’t stop until we had declared that ‘The Class War’s real and not mythologised’ an hour and a half later.

A few tears were wiped away. I wasn’t alone.

But it was the joyful spring songs, beefed up with the full on brass section that Kept the Faith on Thursday night.

Here’s One that Got Away.

Blimey – how the hell did that make it into the set? I’ve not even heard Weller and Merton Mick play it live.

The sax solo for the Best Thing was… the best thing. Spot on, Sir.

I hugged a few folk on the way out.

Actually they hugged me. I think that it was the cravat.

And this is what music should be all about. Bringing together folk once again to share in a common goal.

Keep the Faith.

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