Metroknobbers No. 17

How Does It Feel to be Loved

#dhfc Vs Canvey Slags

853 filming at Greenwich Council

Royal Greenwich Time Blog

Denise Hyland, Leader of Greenwich Council

Tories outflanking Labour on the Living Wage

That nice Mr Pickles turns up the heat on Greenwich Time

Brixton Buzz breaks the Lambeth Archive story

And we’re proved correct – plus a little more…

The WHOPPING 20 docs that form the Lambeth Cultural Consultation

£18m cuts to Lambeth Council from central government

Crofton Park and New Cross Libraries

Blackheath Village Library

The Upper Norwood Joint Library

Social Cleansing on the Peninsula

The ghastly Peninsula Quays [pdf]

Greenwich Council ordered to open up information about Peninsula Quays

Southwark Council accidentally leaks confidential information

Gentrification as social cleansing? “That’s just bollocks”

The eviction of local businesses from Brixton arches

urban75 Brixton boards

Stockwell Skatepark listed as an Asset of Community Value

Assets of Community Value


The White Swan, Charlton

The Ivy House boozer – the first pub to be listed

Saving the Catford Bridge Tavern

Greenwich Council planning Charlton skatepark



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