Metroknobbers No. 3

Darryl visits the Castle Tavern at Woolwich

Lengthy history of the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society

The Only Way Is Woolwich

Woolwich Grand Theatre under threat

Street Feast

Meanwhile lease

Grow Brixton

The Edible Bus Stop

The Deptford Project


Evening Standard finds South East London


Heygate pop-up creative quarter

The Heygate

The Walworth Road – the street that refuses to gentrify

John Smith House

The bollocks of Greenwich Mayor Making

The Twittering Mayor of Lambeth

The folly of Colchester Mayor Making

Hyper hyperlocal election leaflets

‘cos everyone loves to WHIP a LibDem

Deserter – a new blog for South East London

SE10 postcode wars

Brixton Buzz on the Brixton Fairies

Lido Peter

ACE Brixton Fairies social history video

Bonnington Square

Brilliant Bonnington Square squatting video

Save Lewisham Hospital

Why is Lambeth dismantling its housing co-operatives?

Violent scenes as police and High Court Enforcement Officers evict Rushcroft Road squats in Brixton

Rushcroft Road FoI

Pimping off hyperlocals

WP Content Copyright and Plagiarism Protection

Blame thieving MyVillage idiots

BBC hosts conference to consider the state, and future, of ‘local journalism’ – Wot No Hyperlocal?

BBC coverage of the Ritzy strike

NUJ backs council Pravdas

Graun Bonkers Broadband Tax

Farewell Media Talk

feedly outage


Save xfm

Great Xpectations

Bob Geldof does the indie lite thing



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