TEDxBrixton II

When Two Worlds Collide is the theme for the second TEDxBrixton taking place at the Evelyn Grace Academy on 11 October. Last weekend saw the start of the planning for the independent event. The recently opened Impact Hub at Lambeth Town Hall was the location for the friendly drop in sessions throughout Saturday.

The Technology, Education and Design principles of the Big Brother TED organisation were evident deep down in the basement of the Town Hall. Sadly natural light wasn’t. This was my first visit to the Hub, a space where bedroom freelancers can come out from the darkness, and work together… in the darkness.

It was a decent venue for the TEDxBrixton launch, and has to be better than having an empty civic space that isn’t used. Ideas for the October event were key for the kick off. I pondered scribbling down something about how to stimulate the local creative economy without burying it in a basement, which might have little… impact.

The TEDxBrixton folk were incredibly friendly. Two World Collide is open to much interpretation. The volunteer team helped to guide the many people dropping in throughout the day around the overall theme and making local connections.

The obligatory post-it note wall was where the main action was. Ideas had been divvied up into Big, Little and Local- preferably a combination of all three, When Worlds Collide, if you will.

Given the alarming pace of recent Brixton gentrification, the two worlds colliding for many covered new affluence against existing communities. Where will we all live, how to support the black community left behind and posh meets urban were three ideas that I would like to explore further at the Evelyn Grace Academy in October.

Other local ideas included Brixton Pound alumni and the Brixton Design District. The Big Ideas section of the post-it note wall included education focussing on happiness, see you in me and the intriguing my mind is not googleable.

The Brixton TEDx team is keen to establish the ideas before inviting speakers. There was a separate section for suggestions as to who could explore When Worlds Collide on a local level.

Will Self and Joanna Lumley would make for great bedfellows; Owen Jones of course cropped up. I volunteered Brixton sports coach Steadman Scott of Afewee as an example of a local who has lived through gentrification, yet still manages to succeed.

I stayed around for a bit of Impact Hub networking. At least I think that’s what is. Conversations covered champagne bars in Brixton, possible TEDxBrixton sponsorship and Brompton Bikes – perhaps the perfect TED topic for the Tech, Education and Design remit.

The Brixton team is looking for others to step forward and volunteer. Likewise any interested speakers are also encouraged to make contact ahead of the Evelyn Grace event on 11 October.




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