Metroknobbers No. 2


The Deptford Job Centre boozer

Plumstead Make Merry

No to Silvertown Tunnel

Wivenhoe Forum

Cllr Denise Hylands, Greenwich Council

The Dear Leader

Cllr Danny Thorpe, Greenwich

Danny Thorpe, Backpacker Extraordinaire – may *or may not* be authentic

Greenwich Mayor Making Piss Up

New Lambeth Council Cabinet

Lambeth ‘Young Talent’

Cllr John Fahay

“Get it into your fucking thick skill…”

The strange case of the impersonation of a Greenwich Cllr

Sadiq Khan

Mayor Khan?

MP for Croydon North / Lambeth South

News Shopper stitched up over queuing fox in ‘Lewisham’

The spikes of ‘Southwark Bridge Road’

Inside Lambeth

The Greenwich Phantom

Congratulations to Casino Avenue

“internal” opposition in Lambeth

Comrade Kingsley kick starts the revolution

Four commuters for the Dangleway, via an FoI from 853

Wanna make an FoI? Start here…

God Bless Tony Blair

Greenwich Time Pravda

Greenwich Conservatives get in on the Greenwich Time bandwaggon kicking

Lambeth Democratic Services plead with residents to tweet their arse off at meets. Hurrah! [pdf]


Sarah Hartley

“I suppose we call the police then” – Richard Taylor tries to film Huntingdonshire District Council

Dropping your trousers in a council meeting

Bexley Council to trial webcasting of meets

Bexley is Bonkers

Jase’s fargo stream

Lloyd’s fargo blog

Dave Winer – Mr RSS

Quartz uses fargo for Glass outliner

Operation London Bridge

Community Journalism with Future Learn and Cardiff University

The Graun’s £99 one day course in ‘citizen journalism’

The Graun shuts down hyperlocal blogging experiment

The Graun blogging awards

Scary Duck

London Live is shite

NY1 – not quite Transpontine

Stefano Hatfield jumps to High50

giffgaff 4G – patchy…



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