Trasnpontine Lines

This was ACE listening: South London Hardcore in conversation with Transpontine.

In terms of hyperlocal billings it’s the South London equivalent of Frost / Nixon; or even Ali and Foreman. Or possibly the Chuckle Brothers above a South East London boozer:

“I’m sure it’s going to sound like three blokes sitting in the pub talking about South London.”

And whaddya know…

Like I said: ACE listening.

Transpontine (or Neil to his Mum…) has long since been a blogging inspiration for many around Transpontonia. Never mind the length, just look at the chuffing arrive etc. Over a DECADE of South London life celebrated. It is from such early online experiments that *shhh* scenes are born.

The back end of the SLHC podcast takes up the South London Question.

Unlike the West Lothian Question, we’re not even sure what is actually being asked. There is however a definite political [small p] slant to the incredibly random and loose network of Transpontine folk pumping out location based online content – blogging, to you and me.

I was quite chuffed to hear that:


Jason Cobb has a radical political non-party element. We are frustrated a lot of time. It’s a frustration with The Establishment. It is a very South London attitude to have. South of the river is removed from power.”

Spot on, Comrades. Spot on.

Dodging accusations and misinformed guesses about my Political [BIG P] motivations has long since been a favourite parlour game of mine.

“You must be a stooge for Party X, that’s why you’re continually bashing Party Y.”


It’s just that Party X and Party Y are particularly crap around these parts. Party Z are just a bunch of arseholes.

The strong community of South London bloggers is looked at in the final quarter of the SLHC podcast. It’s a network that you can’t find in North London, and arguably not even South of the river either.

Throwing in the likes of Brixton Blog, the mighty Urban75, 853, Uncle Wolfie, SLHC and Transpontine under one umbrella is BONKERS.

We all do what we do ‘cos we can.

It’s as simple as that.

“This is a chord, this is another, this is a third. Now form a band.”

This is a text box, bash out some words, press publish. Now start a blog, etc.

The South London DIY ethos is the only physical strand that holds all of this together. Deep down and there is probably something stirring along the topological fault lines that lend South London to a sense of online / offline analysis.

But you can think too hard about these things when you could be out capturing your own hyperlocal patch online.

If I’m not fending off (and actually rather enjoying) political stooge allegations then it is the suggestion that there is a co-conspiracy of South London bloggers that all operate together.

If only it was that smooth, Comrades…

The shared meeting point / melting pot of Dulwich Hamlet is mentioned in the podcast as possibly the glue that holds all of this together.

Back to Sniffin’ Glue again

Twitter connections are important, as SLHC recognise. There is also something of a SE / SW divide. Once again nothing sinister – South London is a VAST swathe of land in which to cover. It is to the credit of SLHC that they dare to venture to the likes of Croydon and New Cross, yet still have time to visit Sunny Stockwell.

Lifestyle blogs [URGH] and monetizing [F-off] online content are also mentioned.

‘aint gonna link.

Blogs that fall below the wayside are also discussed. It’s all about the archive, as Transpontine identifies in the recording.

And so what is the South London Question once again?

Why not come along to the Ivy House on 30 March for the SLHC pub quiz to find out? The co-conspirators will all be there, sitting in their self-satisfyingly smug little circle, plotting their next great South London political downfall.

Or maybe it will just be some blokes (and friendly females) sitting in a boozer talking about South London.

“When he arrived at Pillingshot’s seat and found it empty, an expression passed over his face like unto that of the baffled villain in Transpontine melodrama.”


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