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The Cult of the Comrades

“The case has thrown a spotlight on a largely forgotten dead end in twentieth century radical leftist politics – British Maoism.”

@Transpontine on probably the best social historcial analysis so far following the Brixtonslavery’ story:

“In the 1970s they stood candidates in a number of elections, including as the South London People’s Front in the 1978 Lambeth Central Byelection (they got 38 votes – as Ian Bone observes, that election was also contested by Trotskyist groups the Workers Revolutionary Party, the Socialist Workers Party/Flame and Socialist Unity).”


Voting in Vassall on Thursday, Comrades. There’s still a strand of radicalism is some of the candidates. Probably not in the Nu Labour puppet though.

“The recent Lambeth news reads like a sad footnote to this late, and not particularly lamented, episode in London political life.”

To which you have to ask: is democracy best served by a right wing carve up between the three mainstream political parties, or by the dissenting voices of those that dare to question the Establishment consensus?

The Workers’ Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought probably wouldn’t play out too well on the doorstep, mind.

Meanwhile, Across the Borough Border:

“Alongside these challenges, we see opportunity.”

So speaks @FionaColley, the Southwark Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Corporate Strategy [URGH].

“Part of our answer has been to look to the private sector.”

*part* of the answer?

On yer Bike to Battersea

“Given the length of time before the Northern Line Extension happens (if it is approved) and the indeterminate time-scale for completion of an uninterrupted linear park and Thames path, Nine Elms Lane should be made very cycle friendly as a priority in order to inculcate a cycling culture as soon as developments come on stream.”

@LambethCyclists response to the VNEB Design for Cycling strategy document.

I think that we can take it as read that the Northern Line extension will happen. No harm though it putting the bicycle first ahead of the Beautification of Battersea [GEDDIN!]

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