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Allez Londres!

Wolfgang Moneypenny

Image: Comrade Wolfgang, Spokesperson for Free South London.

“I’ve never seen London look better. To the Paris-trained eye, half the London population looks like punks or bag ladies. In today’s London there is no dominant culture tut-tutting as you break all the codes. Houses cost £1m yet the most popular local retailer is a 99p store.”

@KuperSimon on London Vs Paris.

How to Hack the Barbican (and beyond…)

“If I lived in a city with poorer public transport, I think I’d have focused more locally. My big takeaway from being involved in this (by trying to show up as much as possible in EC1) was stop pretending you live in East London, go and do something like this in SW18

@lloyddavis on Hacking the Barbican, and then wanting to hack elsewhere around town #htb2013

Scratching the 348 Year Itch

“The most fearsome visitation that any man remembered, to fill the graveyards with dead and turn even the living into haggard ghostlike creatures who hurried through deserted streets and dared to speak to none…”

ACE @pinterest board to document digitally some of the resources that are available at the Guildhall Library related to the Great Plague.

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