Chronicling The Chronicle

There’s no better way of beating the winter blues than receiving your personalised delivery of The Brightlingsea and Wivenhoe Chronicle. Scoop Scarpenter has been braving the TEN FOOT snow drifts [sorta], busy once again serving Brightlingsea, Wivenhoe and Nearby Villages.

I live in hope that Nearby Villages is some form of hyperlocal euphemism.

Plain sense in the p1 headline of:

Locals Club Together to Purchase Pub

I’ll drink to that, etc:

Black Buoy

“A determined [Ooooh] effort is being made by a local group of pub enthusiasts to purchase and reopen the historic Black Buoy at Wivenhoe, which has now been closed for three months.

At present there are 25 shareholders involved in the venture, 20 of whom live in Wivenhoe. Punch Taverns, who own the property are asking £350,000 for the building, and The Chronicle understands that at the moment the local group have raised £300,000.”

Twenty residents? Live locally? I’d slap a Right to Bid listing request in ASAP with CBC. That should buy six extra months to make up the £50k shortfall. Any benefactor wanting to help the Black Buoy group can contact John Moores on 07958 471703.

Flick to p.6 and transport yourself via the medium of inky pages up to The Cross, and the Chronicle reports:

New Tennis Clubhouse

No Right to Bid necessary, etc:

“The new clubhouse at the Wivenhoe Tennis Club was recently officially opened.”

Club coach Jamie Bird continues to work wonders with racket and yellow fluffy ball. The junior section is thriving, and the men’s team topped Division 1 of the Colchester and District Tennis League last season.

Keep flick, flick flicking and soon you will find:

Residents Invited to Assist Council

Which is a headline that is always good to read.

Wivenhoe Town Council would be pleased to hear from any local residents or local organisations who would like to join a steering group to assist with the preparation of a neighbourhood plan.”

‘Cos it’s always best to be a back seat driver, or something, Comrades.

Cllr Robert Needham told The Chronicle: Clearly the preparation of a neighbourhood plan will need to involve the community at large. The process will most likely take a couple of years and will need input from interested people, groups and societies.”

Wivenhoe is full, blah, blah, blah.

And hopefully the same will be said for The Flag on 7th February when the Wivenhoe Folk Club welcomes Kirsty McGee. Doors at 7:30pm for the twice-nominated BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards singer.

Sticking with the stage and Scoop Scarpenter triumphs with the headline of:

Monsters Rock

Wivenhoe Pantomime week is upon us – hurrah!

Wivenhoe Pantomime

“Some great family entertainment can be expected when the Wivenhoe Pantomime Group perform Monsters Rock at the William Loveless Hall [where else?] from 23rd – 26th January. The storyline centres around the inhabitants of a village, Little Happens, and a castle the other side of the forest, frequented by monsters.”



Back in the real world and Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Watch meets on 31st January, 7:30pm in the Town Council Office. New members, etc, etc. In it to win it. Or even just be represented.

Wivenhoe Funny Farm

The Funny Farm also gets the p.11 treatment ahead of the 31st January gathering at the Cricket Club:

“Headliner will be Sol Bernstein, described by The Graun as being: One part Alf Garnett, two parts Mel Brooks, and three parts like nothing you’ve ever heard.”

Clever folk, these Graun types.

Sticking with the words and poetrywivenhoe gets a plug for 24th January when Luke Wright returns to The Legion:

“Described as being as popular stand-up poet [which helps…] Luke Wright will be the guest artiste [Ooooh] at the next meeting of poetrywivenhoe.”

And that folks should fill your Chronicle desires until February.

No mention of Nearby Villages either.

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