The Way I See It

Something that I have certainly missed since having moved out to these North Essex estuary wilds is The Way We See It. The idea was simple: set a London location online each week, and then a loose network of local snappers went out to capture the area.

It was… the way we see it.

Contributors were encouraged to upload their three favourite images each week. These were then published on the site each Monday morning. The collective sharing of content was educational, social and ever so slightly competitive.

New friendships were formed; #TWWSI became social.

The old site has long since been hacked. The original publisher [not me] has moved away to… a similar estuary wild.

I’ve been thinking about what I miss about my weekly trips into the city. Exploration was part of it. Many of the locations were far away from my hyperlocal South London patch. The bicycle ride was also important. It was a liberating experience to head out into the corners of London with a pre-defined purpose.

The social side became increasingly part of the equation. Meetups weren’t part of the deal – this was a very loose network of snappers. There is actually a valid point to be made about the process of photography when carried out in isolation.


The plan is to try and recreate this process around these North Essex estuary wilds. I certainly haven’t the time to devote to it as weekly discipline, let alone set up some form of structure and encourage others to participate and share.

Starting a photoblog has never been easier, Comrades.

You just do it.

What I do hope to achieve over the coming monhts however is to simply cycle off on the Brompton whenever I find a spare hour in the working week. It’s not going to be the glamour of TWWSI and some of the West End piss alleys. Hyperlocal hedgerows will probably get more of a look in.

Words will probably be non-existent. Let the images try and tell the story [of a hedgerow…]

I’ll probably link from over here to over there. Betcha the initial enthusiasm dies off after the first photoshoot.

We’re only an hour out of Liverpool Street for any South London Comrades wanting to make the trip more social again.

Snapety snap.

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