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Wivenhoe Pantomime 2013

To the Congregational Hall! …on Sunday afternoon for a catch up with the men and monsters that make up the Wivenhoe Pantomime Group – oh, and ladies as well. They’re rather fond of all this gender trading, these Panto folk.

With Christmas almost upon us, the countdown is well underway for the grand opening of Monsters Rock at the William Loveless Hall [where else?] on 23rd January.

Excitement in the grand splendour of the Congregational Hall is building each week, as is the set, costumes and effects. A few hints of the costume basics came out to play on Sunday afternoon.

Which must mean that the Wivenhoe Panto blog teases [Ooooh] must soon have to start to become a little discrete. We have a non-costume clause built into the contract…

This was a full cast rehearsal with a prompt 3pm start. All actors were well in place ahead of the Panto practice curtain call. Last minute scripts were being read. The esteemed Panto Prompter is now pretty much redundant.

And then it was straight into Scene 10, the showstopper.

Start as you mean to carry on…

The cast is now at a stage where entrances and exists can be considered. It all got a little tricky in the tight constraints of the Congregational Hall. Just wait until the production transfers to the prestigious William Loveless Hall opening run.

Producer / Director / Tea Maker supreme Sara Rout was in her absolute element. Every detail has been considered. Wivenhoe has a slightly weird sense of humour. The script doesn’t disappoint.

“What have you done with my wife?”

Now there’s a question for a Sunday afternoon, and one that I wasn’t quite expecting to hear just ahead of Countryfile.

*for the record there’s a brilliant piece of character doubling up put in place. Gotta LOVE those Wivenhoe Panto folk*

The end scene saw a bit of a song and a dance. Whisper it *shhh* Dad dancing made a brief appearance.

And hurrah for that.

It will make the audience participation all the more complete.

Rehearsals will be briefly interrupted with the Pre-Panto Christmas Party coming up. Don’t expect Dad dancing, but those old parlour favourites of Line Learning, Guess the Name of the Panto Song and Pin the Tail on the Panto Villain.

Plus hopefully a brief celebration of all that has been achieved so far.

But that can wait until Wednesday. With Countryfile counting down, it was back to Scene 1 on Sunday and the Britpop inspired opening song.

Not your traditional village pantomime…

Tickets for Monsters Rock are now on sale. They are available from both Post Offices, priced at £6. The show runs from 23rd January until 26th January.

Wivenhoe Pantomime 2013

Wivenhoe Pantomime 2013

Wivenhoe Pantomime 2013

Wivenhoe Pantomime 2013

Wivenhoe Pantomime 2013

Wivenhoe Pantomime 2013

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