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Another morning, another blog post to bash out all about a hyperlocal publication. Yep – it’s only the Winter 2012 edition of Wivenhoe News.


Priced at £1 and with FORTY pages to fill / feast upon, Wiveonhoe News once again proves that the international news agenda is worth keeping half an eye upon (sort of…) but it is back in your own hyperlocal patch that really packs a punch.

And they don’t hit harder than:

Just Where and When Will We Get our New Surgery?

Proposed new Health Centre site

Jax Thomas does a brilliant job in managing to sum up what has become a complex situation. The answers to the two questions in the headline are still unknown. But at least the bonkers Plan B seems to have been banished.

Jane Hughes continues her well-researched On the Street Where You Live contribution. The “wooden western fringes” may sound like a Middle America badland, but it’s actually quite beautiful with the houses that border the muddy banks of the Colne.

Volunteers are called for on two fronts on page 7. Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Watch is recruiting, as is Essex Carer’s Support, a new group caring for the carers.

Wivenhoe Pantomime 2013

Alison Kent’s Workers of Wivenhoe profiles Mike Downes – and they don’t work harder than the man known as Mr Nottage. A hyperlocal-ish family history can be traced back to over a Century ago. The Nottgae is in safe hands.

Peter Hill reports on the successful £5,000 funding secured by the Guides and Scouts from Lloyds Community Fund to help improve the hall. A mix of the online and offline campaigning – job’s a good ‘un.

Wivenhoe Moving Image

Film gets the page 12 double billing. Both Moving Image and The Nottage Film Club continue to thrive, albeit with some uncertainty over the future of the Philip Road Centre.

Wivenhoe Pantomime

A mob of miscreants make up the photo footer on page 12. You’re never quite sure if the cast of Monsters Rock are actually in character or not.

Oh yes they are

Once the Wivenhoe Panto has moved out of the Wivenhoe Loveless Hall [where else?] at the end of January, Anything Goes at everyone’s favourite village hall.

Nope: Anything *really does* Go when the good folk of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society start preparations for the March production.

The clammy mysteries of sex” [cripes] are covered by poetrywivenhoe. Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase a bird in the hand.

French lessons, philosophy breakfasts and Wivenhoe tea towels all get the Wivenhoe Bookshop treatment. Betcha Borders just sell… books.

Moving Image

Talk turns towards the Co-op / EyeCare / Jardine Bermuda Triangle on page 16. Yep – spring planting with Wivenhoe in Bloom. The Valley Road outpost has also seen some action ahead of the snow.

Working parties take place on the first of each month. That nice Mr Henley has kindly agreed to hand over a patch of land close to his chip shop. Deep-fried daffodils ahoy!

Wivenhoe Weekender

Seeds are being sewn by WAGA on page 17. Waxwings are celebrated by Richard Allen. Meanwhile Richard Moulson writes an ACE piece on the history of Wivenhoe Wood.

Moving Wivenhoe Wood

The View from the High Street takes in Bus Wars and… the Health Centre. One we seem to have too much of, the other not enough.

Hey hoe.

“Interested in brass rubbing?”

…isn’t your usual everyday kinda question, but hey! Why not? If so, Lynne Horner would like to hear from you.

FOUR pages of diary dates follow [phew] which might lead you to wanting a stiff one come the other side. Which is just as well, seeing as though Jardine gets the Watering Holes of Wivenhoe treatment by Sydney Bayley.

Malcolm Smiththe Bicycle Recycler of Wivenhoe – is profiled on page 22. It’s a long way from Paxman’s to the South Pacific, and then back again via the brilliant Re-Cycle charity.


Obituaries remember Reg Marks and Bill Ellis. Both continue the quite remarkable way in that Wivenhoe News manages to offer an overview of a complete life in half a page, yet still make it appear poignant.

Transition Town Wivenhoe tell us more about the Wildlife Garden, barn dances and chicken shacks. It’s slightly more corporate up on campus with updates covering the Edge Hotel School, the Knowledge Gateway and the 50th anniversary podcasts.

Bernard Jenkin MP covers his own love / hate subjects – the Wivenhoe Surgery and the EU Budget.

Ahh – but which is which, etc…

Meanwhile Cllr Mark Cory of The Cross comments that:

“The community and the politicians are united over the Wivenhoe Surgery.”

It took some time, but yep.

Cllr Julie Young observes:

“The decision to switch sites for the Health Centre came as a huge shock.”


Cllr Cyril Liddy offers a useful working guide to the inner mechanisms of Colchester Borough Council. Keen students of the Accounts and Regulatory Committee won’t be disappointed.

Wivenhoe Town

The St Mary’s bell ringers herald celebrating Quarter Peal Month. The Tennis Club has an ACE piece about the new clubhouse. The Cricket Club congratulates local lad Ashley Ling, making his way from the third to the first eleven. You know you are in for a pint glass half full scenario when the Football Club updates:

“The first team have made an encouraging start to the season. We are placed just outside the relegation zone.”


The recently launched Wivenhoe Gig rowing boat reflects on a successful year, as well as putting forward a plea for funding and possible storage.

Art in the Church, St Mary's

Alison Stockmarr at The Minories, Art in the Church and the Four Friends exhibition down at the Wivenhoe Gallery gets the back page arty treatment, dahhhlings.

You could fill an entire international rolling news channel out of the above.

Wivenhoe News is sold at the Co-op, Crossways, the Post Office, Bryans Newsagents and the lovely Wivenhoe Bookshop.

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