Perfecting the Panto

Wivenhoe Pantomime

If it’s a Wednesday evening then it must mean that the bottom half of the Wivenhoe Pantomime is rehearsing at the Congregational Hall. Sunday was for the high fliers in the top half.

Yep – to the Congregational Hall! …on Wednesday evening for a catch up with the always entertaining panto men and ladies (and little folk) of Wivenhoe. The final scenes 8, 9, and 10 were on the agenda for the evening, the ying to the yang of the introductory scenes practiced on Sunday.

The theory is that the two ends of the metaphorical pantomime horse will somehow meet in the middle. If not, then it will certainly raise a laugh. That’s what pantomime intervals are for, dontchaknow

The theme for Wednesday evening was most certainly gags-a-go-go. I was hearing the puns for the first time as a front seat part-time punter. Some of the more senior panto pros even joined in with my random GUFFAWS.

Monsters Rock continues to be perfected in the capable hands of Sara Rout and Brian Ford. The cast is not only finding their feet, but also the pace of the show. It’s all about… timing.

So what if one of the leading men was a little late, stuck up in Sheffield?

It will be all right on the night, etc.

Wivenhoe Pantomime

A tight ship was being run from the production table. The X Factor style threesome gave ‘constructive feedback,’ and then GUFFAWED along with the rest of us when two middle-aged men started camping it up together.

Relax – you passed the auction, but best lose the Liverpool shirt, fella

I don’t want to give away too many of the songs, but any fans of 70’s New York glitter ball disco won’t feel hard changed when Monsters Rock rolls into the William Loveless Hall from 23rd – to 26th January.

With a Christmas tree keeping watch in the corner of the Congregational Hall, it was a constant reminder as to what the Wivenhoe Panto folk are all working towards.

It’s behind you, etc.

Or even in front, and sooner than you think.

Thursday evening is when tickets for Monsters Rock first go on sale. I would say look out for the Wivenhoe Panto folk during the late night market down at the big Wivenhoe TURN ON at St Mary’s from 6pm.

You won’t miss them, to be honest.

Nope – you really won’t miss them

Boom, boom.

Hard work this gag writing.

Plus: both Post Offices will also be selling tickets as from Friday morning, £6 a pop.

Wivenhoe Pantomime

Wivenhoe Pantomime

Wivenhoe Pantomime

Wivenhoe Pantomime

Wivenhoe Pantomime

Wivenhoe Pantomime

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