Chronicling The Chronicle

Heads down, tap, tap tappety away and do your best to round up the always ACE Brightlingsea and Wivenhoe Chronicle in 500 words or less.

This wouldn’t really work on twitter, would it?

And so another month, another fine effort from Scoop Scarpenter. Those hyperlocal stories don’t write themselves; the letterboxes of Wivenhoe don’t drop the Esteemed Organ of Truth and Justice without some DIY home delivery love either.

I think yer man earned his cheeky short at The Greyhound on Sunday evening.

Chin chin.

Carols by the Quay

After all the Health Centre hoo hah [ha!] of last month, it’s pleasing to report that Christmas Carols on the Quay is The Chronicle’s first Wivenhoe lead.

23rd December, 6pm, blow yer own trumpet, etc.

Wivenhoe Christmas lights

Keeping up the Christmas theme is:

The Wivenhoe Christmas Fayre

Tell It Like It Is, etc.

“The Wivenhoe Christmas Fayre and Late Shopping Night will be held during the evening of Thursday, 6th December.”

Sounds fair? Or even fayre? One man’s fancy, etc.

Wiv Soc and St Mary’s are collaborating on the event. Madam Mayor will be turning on Wivenhoe.

Wivenhoe Funny Farm

The laughs keep-a coming with:

Comedy Course for Beginners

“A comedy writing and performance for beginners course starts at the Open Space studio in Wivenhoe early next month. Running the course is the very experienced and popular comedian Hazel Humphreys.” for all your comedy requirements.

Page 8 of The Chronicle clocks in with the now annual Christmas scoop from, um, Scoop. Here’s where Father Christmas will be spreading his hyperlocal love as we count down to the big DING DONG:

12th December is the first Wivenhoe visit (Dene Park-ish) and then a return on 19th December for the Chrimbo Broomgrove run. The “gaily illuminated sleigh” [nice] is the work of the good folk of the Brightlingsea and District Rotary Club.

Wivenhoe's Got Talent

A bit of Dickens and a bit of Diggens [YEAH] on p.10 covers the Wivenhoe artistic Christmas angle. A Christmas Carol will be performed at St Mary’s on the 11th December, with yer man Shane singing at the Rose and Crown on 23rd December.

With the self-imposed word count going a little wonky, The Chronicle concludes with the Christmas Wivnenhoe Funny Farm on 20th December, and the opening of the new Clubhouse for the Wivenhoe Tennis Club.

Next month: the Tendring Local Plan condensed down to 140 characters or less.


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